"Strength in Unity" -Teamwork & Leadership

With teamwork, you’re not only sharing your knowledge with the collogues, you can also grow as a Leader. That’s why the AMPS team comes with a built-in members area of perfection wise teams - so that customers can easily plan projects in coordination & if requires our team head always be the one point contact of every clients representative.

What are the key factors of our grown organization?

Engineers can follow each others activity and hence cumulative technical knowledges leads us to complete projects in guidance of our experts/seniors Core team.

Our Leadership unites individuals:

Mr. Vivek Sonawane, our family head. he is having such a true qualities of leadership which brings new energy in Skilled and Unskilled executives to enroll in team work. and with having sufficient practical knowledge we try to build quality of working atmosphere in the organization. and having fun in the organized company tours is a great way to grow your understandings & bonding about each others are really great ideas.

Here’s how do we unite & celebrate teamwork:

In corporation anniversary of AMPS Power

1.October is being a month of company tour to outstation.

2. 31st Party at Pune Based Office.

3.5th June for environmental activities.

4. Table Soccer tournaments in office.